Airport Management and Operational Services

Airport Management

We literally grew up at the airport in Tennessee. We are general aviation pilots and mechanics. We understand the needs of the aviation community in small and mid- market airports. Our widespread experience at all levels of aviation from small airports to air charter, airline and fixed based operations at large airports gives us a unique approach on how to take what we have learned to make airports the best they can be. We offer a comprehensive approach to airport management that combines managing the infrastructure with providing fueling and ground services, hangar development and management, flight training and aircraft maintenance. We understand the economics of an airport and can bring innovative solutions to the community. We offer several approaches to airport management. We can manage your airport for you, we can help you manage your airport, or we can teach and provide guidance on how to best manage your airport. Through the application of business processes, technology, safety and quality control systems, leadership development, and strategic thinking we can bring solutions that work.

Fixed Based Operations

We have been in the Fixed Based Operations business continuously for 35 years. We built our first location in Smyrna Tennessee (KMQY) literally from the ground up and developed a 19-acre site to accommodate Fortune 500 flight departments, air charter operations, a thriving flight school, a Part 145 MRO, and cargo and military operations 24/7. We have learned what works and doesn’t work and continue to evolve our thinking on the business models that work in different locations. Each airport is unique and needs a distinct solution for meeting the needs of local and transient users of the airport. We understand customer service and seek to get better every day at serving the pilots and aircraft owners who use our services. We believe in a family culture. If you are based with us, or visiting our FBO, you are family.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our focus is on single and twin-engine piston aircraft. We know how to work on vintage antique aircraft including fabric. As aircraft owners,we know what it is like to be on the other side of the maintenance shop experience as customers. We believe in communicating throughout the entire process of your maintenance visit. There should be no surprises when you get the invoice. Our goal when maintaining your aircraft aligns with our core values of safety, integrity and excellence. If we make a mistake we fix it. Greg Livingston, our Director of Maintenance, has spent three decades working on aircraft and his repeat customers will speak to his competence, honest approach and professionalism. We know what our capabilities are and what we can and cannot do.

Aircraft Sales

If you are ready to sell your aircraft we are potential buyers. Our focus is on small single engine aircraft. Tail Wheel, Vintage / Antique / Collector aircraft. We are willing to do the work to restore and bring an aircraft back to life. We are also on the lookout for good aircraft to place in our flight school locations. We are not pushy aircraft sales people so you won’t get a high-pressure approach. We are operators, owners, pilots, mechanics. No fast talk. Just straight-forward, honest communication.

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